Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Well, with the plethora of online shopping sites everyone are just plain confused. Which site is better than the rest and why??. I was confused too, so I did a mini research and ended up picking 4 online sites.

My purchases were basic drugstore cosmetics that included compact powder, sindoor, kajals, eyeshadows,  mascara, eyeliner, lipbalms, lipgloss, lipsticks, blushes, nail colors , makeup remover, combs, hairspray, hair serum,  makeup tools & brushes. I left out concealers, foundation and primers because I need to find the correct match to my skin colour.

The game rules:
  • The site that has maximum discount, safe packaging, delivers within a decent time frame and friendly customer care service would be the most preferred of the lot, right??
  • The mini marathon was held between four well known beauty online shopping sites.
  •  All purchases were made on the same date 11th of March 2012 .
  •  I made sure of exceeding the minimum order amount so shipping was free of cost for all the orders
  •  My purchase was based on the lowest amount quoted for the product between the sites and/or availability of gift coupons.
  •  All 4 were purchased by COD (cash on delivery)

The 4 sites were:








There were two winners actually. Two sites delivered my order within 4 working days

One site did not even acknowledge my order until I called them up. Only after my little chat with their customer care did they even confirm my order. It was delivered within 7 working days.

Another site had actually confirmed my order and shipped it way before others. They even sent me SMS of its due arrival in the evening that too within 3 working days. But somehow their courier partners botched up and my status read "location cannot be found". I went on to send an e-mail in this regard on March 17th and within seconds I was contacted and my product shipment was put on priority basis. I received it within 8 working days. But it was the courier guy's mistake. So I would take that in to account.

            I wanted to include URBANTOUCH.COM but I had made previous purchases with them and they had delivered the next day. But they did not have any sort of discounts like they used to. So I skipped them entirely.

Psst...I had placed my second orders with both the winning sites and both of them already delivered within 3 working days this time!. you want to know who the winners are??.

               1st Place goes to Stylecraze & Medplusbeauty !!!. Yay!!

On-time delivery, safely packed, great discounts and good customer care service were the USP of  these two sites. Oh and did I mention the variety :D

I will do a review of all products I purchased and the 4 sites in detail in my upcoming posts.

till then tada :)

Note: All the products were bought with my own money. I had used discount voucher of 100 Rs from Healthkart via another blog. I was not paid or influenced by anyone. These are entirely my views and experiences.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

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Almay three tone palette
Handmade Taiwanese lower lashes
Estee Lauder lipstick
EOS lip balm
1x NYC nail polish

Third Prize
Jealousness Top lashes
Eyelash Extension lower lashes
Lancome mini lipstick
1 x NYC nail polish

Fourth Prize
Jealousness top lashes
Eyelash Extension lower lashes
1 x NYC nail polish

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Friday, 9 March 2012

Mango Pachadi

Mango pachadi or Mango Relish is a lip-smacking wonder. Sweet, tangy, salty, spicy, your taste-buds will definitely go crazy :D

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Thursday, 1 March 2012


Heya everyone,

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Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Welcome to my world. Sounds of rain splashing, pots banging, a little girl running around in circles laughing, vivid colors of makeup & clothes, aroma of coffee...welcome to the sensory pleasures of my world